Kate MccGwire
Sculptor Kate MccGwire will be presenting her first major solo exhibition at All Visual Arts, London from the 23rd of November until early January of 2013. Titled, ‘Lure’, the concept is in reference to both the ring of feathers used by Falconers to call birds, and the siren-like call of the work itself. Creating a disquieting atmosphere, Mccgwire uses the language of natural forms to create and construct creatures of the impossible. The creative process for Mccgwire is one of continuous collection and construction – she used the feathers of birds associated with death and vermin, pigeons and crows in order to create a challenge to out perceptions of beauty and natural form.

Kate MccGwireKate MccGwireKate MccGwireKate MccGwireKate MccGwire