SS14 by Leon Louis is a long awaited return to encouraging experiments with detailing, fabrics, structures and dimensions. The garments survived a meticulous craftsmanship process, shaping a seasonal retrospective. Timeless, yet bound to the lighter shades of the springtime, the collection lends elements of directional modernism, sultry bondage, classic tailoring and japanese costume design. For soulful wanderers, each garment is crafted with lasting durable materials, stitched carefully and enhanced with meticulous detailing. The dark color palette of deep blacks is contrasted for SS14 by a crisp white, annihilating all lurking challengers in the dark. Finally, the crisp shirts, tees, cropped shorts, sleek sweats and pants are contrasted by tailored jackets, vests, lengthy coats and crafted blazers, to allow sensory bearers to layer their silhouette voluntarily.