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Palmer - Harding AW14 by Benjamin Turgel © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE  It might seem odd that a label founded in the tradition of shirting, could transform a simple idea into something so exquisite and elaborate. Palmer Harding managed just that, with a beautifully crafted collection based upon the most mundane of things; paper, that was a step away, or perhaps a reinvention, of their usual simplicity. From a distance, the garments look simple and minimal, but up close the extreme level of intricacy (in imitation of shredded paper) and detail is revealed. Playing with shape, form and texture, Palmer Harding took their shirting to another, avant garde level, complimented by structured jackets, technical jerseys, loose tailored pants and linear skirts, with a modish sporty element achieved through colour blocking and design details.

Photography : Benjamin Turgel for © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE