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The slightly alternative and very marketable/creative mind behind the latest Los Vladimirovich collection has predicted A/W 13 in a seamless manner. Suits, jackets, colour blending, sharp and creative contours in the fabric- everything you might expect from such a prestigious brand. One reigning characteristic is masculinity, the brand tend to veer away from the previously androgynous garments seen throughout the last few years and have managed to reinvent our ideals of masculinity- focusing a large majority of their attention on the tailoring to adhere to this sleek look.

Red, taupe, orange, aqua, blue. This A/W collection isn’t scared to mix a variety of colours. Although of course, with the addition of white and black shirts, the collection is accessible and marketable to those who dare to stand out and those who just, dare to stand. However, even we wouldn’t mind merely ‘daring to stand’ in any of these shirts if we could.