Say hello to Wednesday and yet another OH MY BLOG! This week we went under the covers with fashion blogger miss Margaret Cruzemark who spoke to us about the inspiration behind her blog’s name, the importance style holds in her life and her love for all things vintage.
Introduce yourself in eight words.

Fashion lover, art addict, green activist , loud talker!
When did you start blogging and what motivated you to do so? 

I started blogging at 2010 because I was fed up with people being interested in just all things mainstream and commercial. Being a longtime vintage and second-hand clothes lover I always had an eye for interesting pieces and during my various trips I would always pay attention to what others would wear.  I am really intrigued by people who combine and mix different clothes together and streetstyle in general and that is exactly what I am trying to project through my blog – inspirational fashion.
What was the inspiration behind your blog’s name?

My beloved actress, Charlotte Rampling and her role as Margaret Krusemark in the movie ‘Angel Hear’t with Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke.
How important is fashion for you and why?

Well to tell you the truth I find style being more important than fashion because with style you don’t really have to spend any money to look amazing. You just need brains.
What is the most exciting thing that took place during your ‘career’ as a blogger?

Meeting really interesting people and getting photographed by many great photographers for several fashion publications.
What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog now?

If you really love blogging then go for it! Nothing should hold you back.
What will you be doing right after you answer this last question?

I’ ll continue my reading of Chasseur magazine with Joy Formidable playing in the background.