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PAUL NATHAPHOL 2014 spring summer collectionAs stated by the brand, “At Paul Nathaphol, we aim to be the premium menswear and women’s wear brands which provide intricate designs with a modern touch. Attention to details will be one of our believes to distinguish ourselves from other brands.” Now, how can one possibly mix in a modern touch with a timeless feel? It seems as if PAUL NATHAPHOL has it down to a science. Trickling with the effects of futuristic elements with a touch of contemporary madness. Balanced ever so perfectly there is something about this collection that causes my head to spin (in a positive manner, or course)

It is quite difficult for many designers to collect influences from the future that has yet to come and deliver their piece with a proper method that does not come off as “tasteless”. Though it is not simple it is clear that it can be done. With blinding whites, comfortable prints, solid tones and out-of-the-box designs Paul Nathaphol has mastered this factor of design. The gowns that slither elegantly off of the female frame must be my personal favorite for it is testament of minimalistic, stimulating and incredible talent. To create such a piece with a collection of innovative proportion must be applauded with great appreciation.