Our entire perception of the world is based upon some form of duality – black and white, good and bad, ketchup and mustard and this exact game of opposites plays a crucial role in this collection by Scapes NY. The duo of Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik created a series of garments that feature images of clear blue skies, in bold Yves Klein inspired tones, and beautiful forests in a distinct brown earthy pallet – both direct references to the contrasting environments (Hawaii and Pennsylvania) where the two designers spent their childhood. The concept of duality is also evident in the form and nature of the materials used for many of the pieces including the oversized printed jumpers, coats and long white dresses. However the most impressive thing regarding this presentation by Scapes NY is that odd vibe of intimacy that runs throughout, showcasing the duo’s capability of turning memories and feelings into fashion.