senhor PRUDÊNCIO 2013 Fall Winter CollectionRecently selected to represent Portugal in the The British Council’s Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur Award 2012, the designer behind brand Senhor Prudêncio, Joao Pedro Filipe is what one would call “fresh blood” in the fashion industry. Embracing the glory of the classic while adding a little bit of a playful aura, this young designer’s pieces are not to go unnoticed. Joao Pedro’s projects are all about the genuine collision between art and fashion, between the theatrical of the haute couture and the everyday outfit.

It’s no surprise that his new collection carries all of Joao Pedro’s perspective on fashion, resulting to a great ensemble of enigmatic pieces. “GURI” is the designer’s stage with leather, black details and low saturation having the leading role in this performance of punctilious tailoring. The collection combines the austere and heavy construction of formal with the playfulness of the athletic, resulting to pieces that one can support in any occasion.

 In addition, the brand is offering a capsule collection dubbed “GURI LIMIT.ED” in which the work of Lara Mendes, a young Portuguese illustrator, is featured, proving that plain fabric can indeed become an artist’s canvas. Lara’s artwork explores the meaning of the paradox with projects such as the “Le Beau Est Toujour Rare”, “Freaks” and “The Fox Child”.