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Shi Jen 2014 Spring Summer CollectionDearest Shi Jen .. Here’s wishing you an amazing birthday! Hoping you have a magical day, with hoards of cake, presents and fun celebrations. Now to blow the candles! Titled ‘Best Wishes’, Taiwanese fashion designer, Shi Jen’s new and exclusive SS14 collection offers an effortless, street-chic line up with a few evening looks thrown in; all offering a much wider range for all. Inspired mainly by the art of story-telling and random events, her collections are all designed and made with Haute Couture craftsmanship strongly considered in order to maintain the quality and life of all her pieces, regardless of how calm or chilled out the pieces may be.

For this spring collection, she was inspired by the ending of daily mails, conversations and birthdays. Pyjama inspired, mid-length dresses, crop tops, light, loose pants and skirts have been made up using predominantly furry and shiny fabrics in the hopes of maintaining the air of happiness and celebration without the seemingly cheap or novelty shades very often used. Instead, colours are delicate and almost dream-like, a few pieces boasting vibrant, printed illustrations of birthday candles, X’s and cakes. This is balanced out nicely with her use of lime greens, lavenders (emulating the icing on a cake) and more bolder tones of black and white. Slippers, socks and chilled, dreamy white baseball caps with contrasting, dressy pieces gives the collection more depth and reading.

There is no sense of up tightness nor are any of the pieces to be taken too seriously. All in all, her pieces are both contemporary with a sense of luxury and elegance and are fit for a a modern way of living. This season, Shi Jen celebrates love, peace and best wishes… and we’ve all been invited to join in!