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There aren’t many things that can spontaneously combust to not only create an intense flame, but a flashing light of creativity and originality. The result of two the collaborating minds of Mariaflora and Olivia, however, does just that. SOMF came from “…a natural course of endless late night tales around aesthetics with subconscious lust and aim to create a fraternity of similar ideas” say the brilliant girls. This fresh label does just that, with signature bold patterns influenced by anything that transcends passed the norms we know and accept. SOMF aims to create something timeless, and unforgettable.

With the introduction of their F/W 13 collection titled, Laura does Dallas, comes a set of pieces inspired by 50’s varsity uniforms while western details embellish the creations. As a whole, the pieces tie together beautifully, but if you take each of them as a standalone they seem to carry a separate essence. Due to the fact that anyone could pull out a single item and effortlessly add it to their wardrobe makes this collection perfect for everyday wear. Dresses, skirts, varsity jackets, and more; you name it, and you’ll probably love it too.