If we had to sum up Sarah Illenberger’s work in one phrase, we would probably go for “Everyday objects, looked through a tweaked perspective lens with a love for simplicity”. Illenberger skillfully manages to compose striking settings by altering either the position of an object or the form of it. Her work is an endless experiment with textures, shapes and colors. However, the elegancy of her compositions lies in the fact that she is not creating a visually perplexed synthesis but rather a conceptually intriguing one thus enclosing the dynamic of the image into small details. Excellent examples of this formalistic approach are some of her projects like “The New Matter”, “Tutti Frutti”,”Traumlage” and “Bauhaus”, one of the greatest odes to the cultural movement of the ’20s.

Illenberger is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Munich and currently based in Berlin. In 2001 she founded the jewelry label “Sarah and Patrick Design” while she has has collaborated with several magazines and companies such as Smart, Nike, Hermès, COS, Mykita and Sévigné.