The Unit LondonIf you’re in the Chiswick, London area around 6:00pm on the fifth of September, don’t miss out on the opening of The Unit London Launch Exhibition, an independent art gallery space that serves as a united front for anyone and everyone that believes in the celebration of art and the individual who created it. This gallery allows the art to be for the love of art, completely diverting from the bigotry and dogmatic nature that can commonly be associated with the (at times cutthroat) art world. Providing a visual voice for showcasing and praising emerging and noted artists all the same, the space promotes a togetherness in this obscure community. Diversity is glorified here with artists* of all kinds and a variety of styles featured in one single place. The Unit London prides itself on being all about ‘U’ – the master behind the masterpiece and the beholder. The art featured carries an air of freedom, because it is exposed, liberal, boundless, and engaging. Their aim of arranging a haven for art you can simply enjoy is like a beacon of light for me, you, and everyone we know to go and appreciate art for exactly what it is – a universal visual allure.

* Carlos Martyn Burgos, Daniel Stepanek, Danny O’Connor, Ed Haslam, Emil Olsson, George Morton-Clark, Jake Wood-Evans, Januz Miralles, Jonny Burt, Michal Mozolewski as well as Ryan Hewett.

Run; September 05 – 14
Admission; No fee
Address; 46 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, W4 1QP, London

The Unit London