Ken Bessemer
Ken Bessemer is a Miami local. Born in Miami he went to MDC for fine art metals FIU for a BS in poly science and a masters in architecture. His works were exhibited at “The Hangar Gallery” Located in the Heart of Wynwood during Art Basel. The brilliant bug builder finds the center or core element and fabricates it into an ornate metal bug. So intricately put together he focuses on the work of the body so as to appear anatomically correct. Bessemer transforms some of the mundane parts of our everyday life into pieces of fantasy. A multi-faceted artist he also makes jewelry and oversized spiders. You can spot some of his works in the Downtown streets of Miami. His metal bugs can work as night lights, home decorations, best friends, and as accessories.

Ken Bessemer jewelry bugsKen Bessemer jewelry bugsKen Bessemer jewelry bugs