Tothem LOGO
Aztec, dip dye and vibrant patterns are three of the apparent visual themes within Tothem’s latest Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. The diverse and contemporary patterns compliment a palette of dark colours. Aubergine and navy blue are two specific colours used, combined with hints of white to add tonal highlights throughout the pattern. The Italian menswear brand is all about edge and high fashion; their designs are made of high quality materials and promote a fine cut, making the clothing appropriate for the every-day fashionable man.

Protruding cuts of fabric are often used to create oversized jackets but the collection also showcases more figure specific designs- the jumpers and trousers cling to the figure in a flattering and non constraining manner, to create this ‘masculine frame’. Whilst matching hats are added as a way of accessorizing to the majority of the outfits in the collection, scarves and backpacks adorn the body in a clashing and eye catching manner.

One example of such clashing is the blue and white tie dye matching trousers and jumper, teamed with a black and white striped scarf. The peak of the cap is made of the same fabric, promoting a theme throughout but also maintaining a certain element of ‘pattern blocking’ against the colourful but originally simplistic outfit.

Contouring of the materials is apparent- a sense of ornamentation is used on the shoulder pads of one of the jackets. Four decorative and horizontal zips are used to create a contemporary and textural feel. The use of colour blocking compliments this external decoration; the zips leave us wondering if they are merely for decorative purposes or if they function as a method of layering. Individuals can mix and match garments within the collection in an unnatural but edgy manner, this pattern and colour clashing works as a bold statement- as opposed to looking odd.