Verena Schepperheyn  - ALL THIS AND THE YELLOW POLLEN TOO 2013 collection As our readers are fully aware, Chasseur love urban street style and all things contemporary. German designer Verena Schepperheyn embraces innovation and sources inspiration for her debut collection- ‘All this and yellow pollen too’- from an installation at the MoMa titled ‘Pollen from Hazelnut’. Wolfgang Leib inspired Verena by enthusing both colour, luminosity and natural material selection in an architectural setting, in a natural and contrasting manner.

Verena took a new approach to designing individual menswear designs. She recorded personality, character and spirit by collecting music, pictures…anything relevant to the individual and formed designs that were subject specific but engaged with the collection’s style guide. By reigning in on an individuals character traits and selecting elements of this, she has managed to implement a wardrobe selection, as opposed to merely a collection.

Infusions of yellow help to endorse a summery feeling- which is somewhat retrospective of nature and environment. The designs form a relationship with every day objects- the lookbook shot by Isolde Woudstra, narrates the relationship between a long sleeved, thick and adorned yellow top and objects including- a banana, scissors, orange juice- anything bright with a yellow colouring. Not to dismiss or forget the manipulated and pattern specific designs within the collection, nor the darker simplistic but clever/delicate designs- a long trench style jacket with a light lining, black cropped trousers and a simple over sized, black zip up hoodie.