10 pretty and powerful NYC girls learn how to skateWhat do you get when you have ten girls from all different career paths of life on a mission to show that they’re more than just a pretty face? You get girls on skateboards brought together by The Cools, a social shopping network site who called up the Bobbi Brown cosmetics line and pro skater, Eli Reed, to teach these ladies how to coast down the street and look badass doing it. Everyone from a Victoria’s Secret model to a girl who hangs with a dark crowd on HBO’s True Blood, joined the fun together at Thompkins Square Park for a little Skating: 101.

Leandra Medine, Jessica Hart, Sugar Vendil, Annie Georgia Greenberg, Anastasia Ganias, Hannah Bronfman, Chrissy Rutherford, Natalie Joos, Logan Horne, and Kat Stoeffel put the “girly” aside and laced up their Vans, Converses, and boots to get in the street and master some new tricks, besides the ones they’ve already got down pat such as how to apply mascara like a pro or the whole “I just rolled out of bed and I still look like a goddess” deal. This just goes to show girls are powerful, fearless creatures who really can do it all. Don’t be so surprised next time you see some babe in a mini dress and sneakers shredding and ollieing better than the guys.