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Reworking traditional design techniques for contemporary fashion, Vinti Andrews have innovated a unique aesthetic, in which experimental proportions, fabrications and print placement unite to give an undone, street wear appeal. The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is perhaps most memorable for the ‘cut-and-stick’ effect of quirky photographic patches; jauntily placed upon the arms or legs of garments as if physically collaged, they are the embodiment of the Vinti Andrews concept. This unexpected charm extends, too, to the pairing of pristine tailoring with distressed denim or the grouping of contrasting textures. Silhouettes remain simple, however, providing a sharp and structured backdrop to balance loud detailing. Sweats and joggers effortlessly ground the collection, offering high fashion under its most wearable guise. In fact, Vinti Andrews grew from the initiating desire to reconstruct the tracksuit, meaning that sports-inspired elements are forever at the heart of the brand.