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If you haven’t heard of WXY before, then you’re about to discover what you have been missing out on. WXY is the 2011 brain child of Taiwan designer XIN-YU. After the first collection launched in 2013, the designer has produced the ‘Endemic Species’ collection which was intended to blend gender constraints and help the brand to work as a unisex label. The latest collection, EDGY AGE, showcases a variety of statement designs with bold elements and bright colours. Whilst the look book demonstrates models in white minuscule clothing to blend with the pallor of the skin, it is the bright shoes that catch the onlooker’s attention.

Perhaps you have your eye on the matt black heel with lime green accessories and an architectural shape… or maybe its twin brother, the white, blue and salmon alternative. If you want a textural and ruffled pump like shoe with a platform base, look no further. The collection offers this shoe in a variety of colours from teal to blue, blue to clay tones. The textural quality to each shoe is indescribable and quite artistically engaging. One word; perfect.