XLarge teams up with Converse Japan to produce a laid back and versatile outwear look with a Tokyo flair. The collaboration for the 2013 season is a multipurpose collection, appropriate for a night in the city, backpacking through Europe, and even for a fishing trip. The clothing line is very casual, with sweat pants, wind breakers, camo jackets, fishing hats and baseball caps making their appearance. The products are also very traveler friendly. You can pack a few of these items, throw them together in a cool scruffy manner, and then back up your way around Europe. It’s like a men’s version of Diane Von Furstenburg. The team also brings an urban charm to the collection with the Tokyo décor. The short pants, oversized jackets and bright colors fit the “kawaii” concept. The plaid and checkered dress shirts are just right for a night of billiards and karaoke.